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Mission statement

To provide a common platform for the finished vehicle logistics industry in Europe through:

  • Information & Awareness
  • Education
  • Networking & Integration
  • Lobbying & Representation
  • Standardisation

  • 90 million m2

  • 27,800

  • 28

  • 380

  • 14,900

Multi-modal methods of transportation of new cars by ECG members

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ECG News

Tesla rival Nio to launch in five more European countries after Norway

Automotive Industry - 2021-05-07

Chinese EV company Nio will start sales in five more European countries in 2021 following its launch in Norway in 2021...

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Truckers in Belgium to get “red carpet” treatment on lorry driver day

Land Transport - 2021-05-07

An initiative by the Belgian Road Transport Association wants lorry drivers to be given “red carpet” treatment at loading and unloading points throughout the country on December 2021...

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Tesla is losing source of revenue that has been key to profits

Automotive Industry - 2021-05-07

Tesla is about to lose one source of the regulatory-credit revenue that has been crucial to its almost two-year run of consecutive quarterly profits...

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Latest report from ECG Business Intelligence: Funds for Europe’s Supply Chain Revival

News from ECG - 2021-05-07

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest report from ECG Business Intelligence in partnership with Automotive from Ultima Media...

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BMW sees semiconductor investment wave easing supply crunch

Automotive Industry - 2021-05-07

BMW expects the global shortage of semiconductors hindering automotive production to be resolved as companies and governments zero-in on the issue...

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