Feedback from the alumni of the ECG Academy tells us that one of the most popular subjects is 'negotiation skills'. Indeed a survey of our alumni asking what additional training opportunities they would like to see provided by ECG gave us the answer "more negotiation skills". As a result in 2017 the ECG Board selected the Negotiation Academy Potsdam to deliver a 2 day course on 'Negotiation Management'. This course will teach the participants how to conduct successful negotiations by systematically analyzing and preparing for them.

Aimed not just at ECG Academy alumni but anyone who negotiates as part of their working day, which includes almost every manager in some way, these courses will be run 2 or 3 times per year according to demand. You can find more details on the course here. The venue will, of course, be the historic town of Potsdam just outside Berlin. The course fee is €950 exclusive of travel and of accommodation. 

Here you may find details of the upcoming courses as well as the application form that you will need in order to register. Just complete it, scan and email to

We will update the details of upcoming courses regularly but please be aware that submission of an application form does not guarantee a place on the course unless confirmed in writing by ECG. Note that future courses will be scheduled according to demand so it is important to register your interest with us. In case you do not see a course that fits with your calendar please let us know as we may be able to take account of your requirements in scheduling a future course.






18-19 September 2019


Space available

Future dates to be announced.

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Space available