As always we have a great social programme organised for those who wish to stay longer and enjoy an autumn weekend in Berlin.


Friday, 18th October - Dinner in the Arminius Markthalle

You are invited to join us for dinner in a historic covered market, located in the centre of Berlin, in the Moabit district. This covered market was constructed in the 1890s and was a modern shopping centre at its time. The building was revitalised in recent years and now serves again as a weekly market hall during the day and is a vibrant spot, with various restaurants and bars in the evening. The Markthalle is off the usual tourist path in the city and is a place to meet local people!

The pop-up restaurant we will visit offers a cosy atmosphere with a wide range of international and Berlin specialities in a streetfood-style. 



Saturday, 19th October - Trabi Safari

A fairly unusual way to get to know the Berlin metropolis is to explore it in a Trabi, the iconic Cold War era Trabant car. We will drive a convoy of these vehicles through Berlin with a guide in the lead car who will deliver a guided tour over the radio.

If you have always dreamt about driving a Trabi (!) don’t miss this chance. When you get home you will really appreciate just how sophisticated our modern cars have become.

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