Silver Partners


INFORM specializes in intelligent decision-making IT systems since 1969 with today, over 750 employees support more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

These systems optimize complex operational and logistical workflows. INFORM systems can analyze huge quantities of data, cost-out numerous decision-variants and suggest the best-possible solution to the user for implementation in a matter of seconds. Built specifically for the vehicle logistics sector, the SyncroTESS system enables intelligent planning, management of complex processes, visibility and real-time operational optimization from plant to dealer.



ProAct has been heavily immersed in all aspects of finished vehicle logistics since the late 90’s. Today, it is the primary focus of the business and we are rapidly gaining momentum in our goal to become a recognised global best-of-breed logistics solution. Our unique solutions encompass all aspects of the planning, execution, integration and tracking of global, multi-modal, plant-to-dealer supply chains and sophisticated yard management operations along with a configurable range of true ‘control tower’ options.