ECG has a long-standing partnership with the closest the North-American market has to an equivalent organisation. The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), which represents not just outbound but also inbound logistics, also counts the car manufacturers among its members and is based in Detroit. The aim of the two organisations is to work closely on standardisation on any areas of common interest and, in particular, to focus on any issues which might lead to global standards. In this regard the first joint document was the Global Damage Codes project which is now included in the M-22 document entitled "Finished Vehicle Logistics Transport Damage Reporting". The latest version of this document is currently under development and will also include a new chapter on vehicle inspection standards.

CSR Europe

ECG is a supporting partner of the CSR Europe Supply Chain Logistics Forum which was held in 2016 September in Berlin. CSR Europe is the European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility. Its European Automotive Working Group on Supply Chain Sustainability led by, amongst others, OEMs such as BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo, invited ECG to work with them on this event and many of their LSPs to participate directly. This invitation-only forum was an opportunity for the automotive industry, suppliers and stakeholders to come together to discuss challenges and share innovative solutions that could contribute towards sustainable logistics supply chain management.